From Tip to Toe
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From Tip to Toe
The Essential Men's Wardrobe
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A guide for those who want to be impeccably stylish, this book presents iconic men's clothing and those who wear it, as well as leading brands and manufacturers. For any man, appearing timeless and laid back at once is a challenge. Who makes the best shoes? What styles suit me? Who makes the best white T-shirt and could I wear one with raw denim jeans to an important presentation? Where can I buy suits that are actually worth the money? Which pattern, which fabric, and which cut? Harris tweed or waxed coat? Leather vest of functional outdoor parka? Sweatshirt or V-neck and, if so, cashmere, merino, or wool? »From Tip to Toe« answers all of these questions and many more. There are countless manufacturers and products, but only a few brands are serious about what they do. Quality shops can provide an overview of what is currently available, but this book is a fundamental guide to the pieces that ought to accompany a man throughout his life.

From the hat on his head to the sole of his shoe, »From Tip to Toe« presents the ever-essential items of a man's wardrobe. These include laid-back sportswear, solid everyday basics, and elegant styles for special occasions--as well as fitting accessories. These iconic pieces are worn by men who know exactly what they want and stick to it. As the dandies before them, these men pay attention to details. The featured products from small manufacturers and select brands do not embody superficial luxury, but rather represent authenticity, handcraft, quality, originality, and character. This compendium of male style showcases products that range from the elegant to the sporty, from the eccentric to the rustic, but which always stand out from the mainstream. these are items that accompany a man without overshadowing him.

»From Tip to Toe« is a book for men who have found their style but who seek to continuously develop and refine it.
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