Albrecht Fuchs – Fifty-Three Portraits and a Haystack
64 Seiten, 12 x 17 cm , 104 g.
Albrecht Fuchs – Fifty-Three Portraits and a Haystack
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A Small Retrospective From Three Decades

Albrecht Fuchs lives and works in Cologne / Germany and is the Artist-in-Residence 2020/21 at Simonett & Baer in Basel. He shares his true love for artists and ateliers with us—as if we’ve been there too— in the best possible August-Sander-Cologne-Tradition. All photographs are taken in medium size format (6 × 4.5 cm), mostly analog. With an editor’s note by Dino Simonett.
HerausgeberDino Simonett
VerlagSimonett & Baer
SpracheDeutsch, Englisch
Artikel IDart-31049


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