Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels (*Hurt)
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Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels (*Hurt)
A History Of Comic Art
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At a time when vintage comics are fetching huge prices at auction, this book traces the history of the medium from 'comic papers' for kids, through the underground 'comix' movement of the 1960s and 1970s, to the glossy book-format 'graphic novels' of today. Organized thematically, it investigates comic art's varied genres - including humour, adventure and titles for girls - and charts the rise, fall and revival of the medium. In so doing, Roger Sabin highlights the careers of the creators behind some of the best-known characters in modern fiction - from Superman to Sgt Rock, Tintin to Tank Girl and the Freak Brothers to the Fat Slags.

Encompassing traditions from the USA, Britain, Europe and Japan, Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels presents the most complete and up-to-date survey of comic art available.
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