The Preference for the Primitive (*Hurt)
324 Seiten, 17,2 x 24,5 cm , 938 g.
The Preference for the Primitive (*Hurt)
Episodes in the History of Western Taste and Art
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Available in paperback for the first time, Professor Gombrich’s highly-acclaimed last book offers a revealing insight into the history and psychology of taste. The Preference for the Primitive is a study of the idea that older and less sophisticated (‘primitive’) works are somehow morally and aesthetically superior to later works that have become soft and decadent. Summing up more than 40 years of study and reflection on this theme, this book presents a closely argued narrative supported by extensive quotations that document with precision the role of authors, critics and artists in shaping and changing opinion.
Bemerkung(H) Dieses Buch ist nicht in perfektem Zustand, sondern hat merkliche Lagerspuren
Autor(en)Leonie Gombrich
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