Remote Viewing
104 Seiten, 16,7 x 23,6 cm , 294 g.
Remote Viewing
Loop Barcelona (2003-2009). A personal approach by Paul Young
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The LOOP Barcelona project, which began in 2003, will be held for the eighth time this year and we are thrilled to see that it has become one of the most important events on the arts calendar for all those interested in art in video format. LOOP is a plataform that acts as a meeting point for the principal agents in the sector to show, see and commercialize content, reflect on and discuss related issues, generate contacts and projects, and set up alliances. Remote Viewing is a specific overview of the international video art scene based on material from the LOOP plataform. LOOP thus exists and grows thanks to the commitment and generous involvement of Arts Santa Mònica, which is once again participating in the Festival programme. This time, it hosts one of the most ambitious projects that we have initiated from LOOP in recent years, a project that was made possible thanks to the initiative of this curator, Paul Young.
VerlagLa Fabrica
Autor(en)Paul Young
Artikel IDart-39310


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