Luis Gonzaléz Palma
208 Seiten, 22 x 28 cm , 1258 g.
Luis Gonzaléz Palma
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The most comprehensive book about one of the key names in Latin American photography. This volume contains all the stages of the artistic evolution of Luis González Palma (Guatemala, 1957). His work is characterized by the creation of symbolic archetypes and faces with gazes that, in quite a disturbing way, try to communicate their distress. Among his photographs there are many scenography pictures, due to his love for ballet, theater and cinema, which has led González Palma to define them as the basis of his work. A work that challenges the way we see and construct images and opens us to other worldviews. Frontal portraits showing dignity but also the fragility of the models, scenes charged of psychological experiences, mystery and tension that present a still and disturbing drama.
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