René Groebli – Das Auge Der Liebe
48 Seiten, 30 x 21 cm , 524 g.
René Groebli – Das Auge Der Liebe
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First published in 1954, Das Auge der Liebe (The Eye of Love) by the Swiss photographer René Groebli is a small book featuring images that were made during the honeymoon with his wife Rita in France.
In Groebli's own words: "I tried to convey the typical atmosphere of French hotel rooms. There were so many impressions: the poor-looking furniture in a cheap hotel, the word 'Amors' embroidered on the curtains. And I was in love with the girl, the girl who was my wife. I think a series of photographs should be compared with a novel or even a poem rather than a painting: let us tell something!"

This poem in black and white is now ready for another closeup. Sturm & Drang is proud to present this extended re-edition of "The Eye of Love" with five additional images chosen by the photographer.

DAS AUGE DER LIEBE from René Groebli is presented as a limited edition hardcover book. This reprint has 32 try-tone printed b/w plates.

René Groebli is a Swiss photographer born 1927 in Zurich

new extended re-edition of the original 1954 book with glassine wrapped cover and with five additional images chosen by the photographer.

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