The World We Made (*Hurt)
320 Seiten, 17 x 24,5 cm , 730 g.
The World We Made (*Hurt)
Alex McKay's Story from 2050
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Our planet’s environmental future is usually described in terms of doom and despair. But now, for the first time, »The World We Made« presents a credible, positive vision of our planet that is green, fair, connected and collaborative.

Part history, part personal memoir, »The World We Made« reveals how it is possible to reach a genuinely sustainable world by 2050; describing the key events, technological breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions that will transform our planet.

Packed with images that bring to life this exciting, high-tech and human world, featuring futuristic photographs, graphics and hand-drawn sketches, »The World We Made« covers topics as wide-ranging as the 'energy internet' to slow travel airships; 3D printing to robotics; and personal genomics to urban agriculture – all grounded in cutting edge technological insights.

Providing all the tools and advice to prepare yourself for what is ahead, the book is essential reading for everyone interested in a positive future for our planet. All royalties will go to support the work of Forum for the Future, one of the world’s leading sustainable development non-profits.

Jonathon Porritthas been a renowned figure in the world of sustainable development for the last 40 years. A former Director of Friends of the Earth, he is the founder director of Forum for the Future, and eminent commentator, author and broadcaster. He has been closely involved in developing the sustainability strategies for companies like Unilever, Nike, Pepsi, M&S, Telefonica and Carillion, and is an advisor to the Prince of Wales and many other leaders in the field.
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