John Myers – The Guide | special ed.
116 Seiten, 24,8 x 28,5 cm , 1200 g.
John Myers – The Guide | special ed.
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This special edition comes with a 25x20 cm (10x8 in.) signed and limited silverprint (ed. of 50) of "House and garden, Chawn Hill, Stourbridge, 1979" (image no. 2 in the carousel).

Forthcoming from RRB Photobooks is John Myers’ »The Guide«, containing 79 of Myers’ best loved images and the stories behind them.

“...there are images in this book that I just cannot see being made...ever, let alone when they were And THEY WORK... How does one come up with taking those images?” —Brad Feuerhelm

Drawing from all three of Myers’ previous books published by RRB Photobooks, »The Guide« is the best of »The Portraits«, »Looking at the Overlooked« and »The End Of Industry« combined with Myer’s unique prose, providing the only definitive answer to Feurhelm’s question. Myers demonstrates his remarkable self-awareness with a wry wit in describing his pictures, like the best of teachers he is neither dry nor academic but draws the reader into conversation.

»The Guide« is very much a photobook, its large format gives Myers’ images the size and space they deserve. Each story stands on its own page among its companion images, allowing the text to be dipped into at will as the eye takes in the rich visuals.

Also featured in »The Guide« are 5 previously unpublished images, including two rare self portraits contemporaneous with the rest of Myers’ work. »The Guide« is a window into the man himself, these new images adding visual context to Myers’ words.

Edition of 800 copies worldwide.
VerlagRRB Photobooks
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