Agent Provocateur & Kate Moss – The Four Dreams of Miss X
144 Seiten, 25,7 x 36,4 cm , 2070 g.
Agent Provocateur & Kate Moss – The Four Dreams of Miss X
Limited Edition (4 prints + DVD), by Mike Figgis
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An astounding collaboration between Agent Provocateur, Mike Figgis and internationally revered supermodel Kate Moss, »The 4 Dreams of Miss X« is the first endeavour of its kind. Genius innovators in haute couture, Agent Provocateur commission Academy-Award nominated director Mike Figgis ("Leaving Las Vegas", 1995) to portray Moss in her first acting role, resulting in four uniquely intimate films: »Shadows«, »Scale«, »Exhibitionist« and »Narcissus« – collectively known as ‘The 4 Dreams of Miss X’.

Shot in night vision, each film delicately captures a beautiful woman’s private dream experiences. First released online in 2006 and 2007, they are now brought together for the first time on DVD. Beautifully presented in a luxury display box, the limited-edition book complete with silk binding, is accompanied by the DVD of all four films and 4 limited edition prints of Kate Moss produced by Mike Figgis.
VerlagPavilion Books
EinbandartSeideneinband im Schmuckschuber
BemerkungMit 4 limitierten Kate Moss-Prints in Szene gesetzt von Mike Figgis und einer DVD mit allen vier Filmen
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