Saul Leiter – Early Black and White
20 x 20 cm , 1200 g.
Saul Leiter – Early Black and White
(French edition)
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The distinctive iconography of Saul Leiter’s early black and white photographs stems from his profound response to the dynamic street life of New York City in the late 1940s and 50s. While this technique borrowed aspects of the photodocumentary, Leiter’s imagery was more shaped by his highly individual reactions to the people and places he encountered.

Like a Magic Realist with a camera, Leiter absorbed the mystery of the city and poignant human experiences. Together with "Early Color", also published by Steidl, "Early Black and White" shows the impressive range of Leiter’s early photography.

Co-published with The Howard Greenberg Library, New York.
HerausgeberMax Kozloff
EinbandartLeinen im Schuber
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