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A Portrait of the Greatest Artist of the Italian Renaissance
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This beautiful book gathers together Michelangelo's work, both the famous and the lesser known, to create a vivid portrait of the artist's life and career. Visually spectacular, it features more than 150 illustrations of his artworks.

The statue of David. The Pietà. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. All masterpieces created by Michelangelo. This magnificent portrait of the artist examines Michelangelo's unusual beginnings, tracking his meteoric rise to fame and brash, difficult-to-work-with attitude. In addition to beautiful photos, it includes images of meaningful personal memorabilia: letters, sketches, sonnets, and even his birth certificate.

William E. Wallace is a recognized authority on Michelangelo and the Barbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor of Art History at Washington University in St Louis. He has published extensively on Renaissance art and is the author of the award-winning Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting and Architecture (1998). He was among the experts consulted by the Vatican about the restoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
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