Alessandra Sanguinetti – Le Gendarme Sur La Colline
112 Seiten, 26 x 28 cm , 780 g.
Alessandra Sanguinetti – Le Gendarme Sur La Colline
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In this album, the compelling photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti explores her vision of France, in which old traditions persist even while they fray and shift in relation to contemporary stresses, including multiculturalism. The work presents an intuitive, often lyrical journey that is undercut with a sense of tension about what it means to be French—and to photograph the French—today.

Le Gendarme Sur La Colline is the result of a major new commission by Fondation de l’entreprise Hermès and Aperture Foundation, working in alliance. Called “Immersion, a French American Photography Commission,” the program seeks to expand artistic dialogue between France and the US, while investing in creativity, and providing a platform for an important emerging artist to create a major new body of work.
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