William Cordova – Now's the Time
200 Seiten, 25,5 x 20 cm , 567 g.
William Cordova – Now's the Time
Narratives of Southern Alchemy
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This gorgeously illustrated book explores the three main themes that have inspired William Cordova’s work for decades: transmission, alchemy, and transcendence.

Growing up in Miami, and of Afro-Peruvian descent, William Cordova’s life has been marked by the transformation of materials and identities. In this monograph, the celebrated artist draws from his experiences to create elegant, thoughtful works that traverse narratives including hip-hop culture, Afro diasporic realities, and pre-Columbian Andean history.

Exhibition curator María Elena Ortiz gives an overview of Cordova’s practice while an interview with the artist focuses on the artist’s memories and artistic influences. Additional texts explore the impact of hip-hop on minority groups and the role of sculpture and installation art in Andean spirituality. Electrifying and beautiful, these works challenge traditional Western ideologies and reflect the cultural movements and transformations of today.
HerausgeberMaria Eugenia Hidalgo
EinbandartFester Einband
Autor(en)Maria Elena Ortiz
Beiträge vonJeff Chang, Leslie Hewitt, Candice Hopkins
Museum / OrtPerez Art Museum, Miami
Artikel IDart-49217


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