Fumi Ishino – Tinted Lines
128 Seiten, 23 x 27 cm , 820 g.
Fumi Ishino – Tinted Lines
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Following his 2017 publication, ‘Rowing a Tetrapod’, and his limited-edition artist book, ‘Index of Fillers’ (2021), ‘Tinted Lines’ extends Fumi Ishino's interest in cultural intersection, displacement, hybridity, and the gaze, through a walking tour of Los Angeles. This new photobook of thick, ebony pages features fragmented scenes captured in the city. The images gesture towards categorized social structures and issues of class, race, immigration, urban development, housing, and public facilities. Ishino examines how our perspectives and interpretations change when distinctions of ideology and symbolism are blurred and relationships of “inside” and “outside” are made ambiguous.
VerlagTorch Press
SpracheEnglisch, jap.
Artikel IDart-49708


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