Kikuji Kawada – Mask (sign.)
16 Seiten, 15,3 x 21 cm , 144 g.
Kikuji Kawada – Mask (sign.)
One Picture Book Two #25
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Born in 1933, Kikuji Kawada is best known for his seminal 1965 book The Map (“Chizu” in Japanese), a disquieting exploration of the trauma of World War II and subsequent westernization of Japan. This series as well as Kawada’s subsequent bodies of work have been exhibited and collected around the world, influencing generations of photographers.

Mask is our third publication on the work of this extraordinary artist, and his first contribution to our One Picture Book series. Limited to 500 numbered copies, Mask presents for the first time all 11 images from this series of the same name that Kawada created in the mid-1970s.

Mask is limited to 500 numbered copies, each including a 5x7 inch original print that has been signed by the artist.
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