Abbas – Gods I've Seen
224 Seiten, 21,4 x 29 cm , 1496 g.
Abbas – Gods I've Seen
Travels Among Hindus
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From the lens of Magnum's Abbas - the mystical world of the Hindu revealed, from ancient rites to contemporary beliefs

This latest in Abbas's transcendent series of books on major world religions, featuring ritualistic elements - wind, water, earth, and fire, magic, the spiritualism of animals - to explore the mysteries of the Hindu faith. Shot over three years in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bali, Abbas's images examine the enigmatic beliefs of sub-sects such as Sikhs and Jains, alongside the everyday life of Hindus, and extend beyond his characteristic black-and-white work to include a series of colour photographs - in his words: 'In India, colour was a temptation I couldn't resist.' The result is this sumptuous volume, a must-have for collectors and armchair travellers around the globe.

Born in Iran, living in France, and a member of Magnum photo agency, Abbas Attar has devoted his life to documenting societies in conflict and recording the major world religions. In 1994, Phaidon published "Allah O Akbar: A Journey Through Militant Islam", which attracted particular attention after 9/11.


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