Justine Kurland – SCUMB Manifesto (sign.)
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Justine Kurland – SCUMB Manifesto (sign.)
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Inspired by Valerie Solanas’ iconoclastic feminist tract SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) »Manifesto, SCUMB Manifesto« introduces us to photographer Justine Kurland’s own uncompromising initiative: the Society for Cutting Up Men’s Books. This volume presents a collection of collages Kurland created by cutting up and reconfiguring photobooks by male artists, as she went through the process of purging her own library of roughly 150 books by straight white men that have monopolized the photographic canon. The nature of collage — heterogeneous, pulled apart, shape shifting, disrupted, cyborg, fantasy — has long made it a feminist strategy in life and in art. Kurland's ritual is restorative and loving: each work is a reclamation of history; a dismemberment of the patriarchy; a gender inversion of the usual terms of possession; and a modest attempt at offsetting a life of income disparity. While markedly different in style, the defiant female visions pictured in these compositions are a continuation of those depicted in Kurland’s earlier photographic projects »Girl Pictures« (1997–2002) and »Mama Babies« (2004–07). Each work in »SCUMB« sounds an electrifying call for freedom — the freedom to create, to destroy, to imagine, and to reshape our visual and social world.

‘A quantum leap in Kurland’s practice … It might just be as sharp and clear-sighted a skewering of the male canon ... as you’ll ever witness.’ AnOther

Skillful, versatile, and refreshingly analog … The past can’t just vanish with a finger snap, but rather must be dealt with in a complex case-by-case way – preferably a gleeful one, and maybe involving a razor.’ Artforum

‘In wild and allusive accretions, these fragments of past artistic mastery become, when arrayed on the flayed boards of their previous containers, something like an archeological dig … an animated, anarchic ... new world is brutally begotten.’ Brooklyn Rail
VerlagMACK Books
EinbandartSchweizer Broschur
BemerkungSigniert von Justine Kurland (Einleger am Ende des Buches). Inklusive eines großformatigen Posters
Beiträge vonMarina Chao, Catherine Lord, Ariana Reines et al.
Artikel IDart-51574


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