Ruven Afanador – Angel Gitano
240 Seiten, 29,3 x 36,4 cm , 3125 g.
Ruven Afanador – Angel Gitano
The Men of Flamenco
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An evocative celebration of the men of gypsy flamenco culture, from one of contemporary photography's most gifted artists.

Known for his edgy photographs, Ruven Afanador amazes again with another collection of images that will seduce and delight. Following up on Mil Besos - which focused on the women of flamenco - Afanador turns his powerful vision to the men of flamenco, with startling results.

Photographed in Andalusian Spain, these unique images present a universe inhabited by gypsies, musicians, and most of all the male flamenco dancers, full of beauty and bravado. Captured in arranged poses or in mid-dance, the dancers embody the wild, youthful passion inherent in the musical world of flamenco. As likely to be in gorgeous costumes as in the nude, these men exude gritty glamour, innate classicism, and a singularly charged eroticism.

Combining the surreal glamour of fashion with documentary photography, these striking black-and-white images will appeal to both the fashion crowd as well as the serious art photography audience.
Autor(en)Ruven Afanador
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