Northern Exposure
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Northern Exposure
Works of Carol A. Wilson Architect
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Northern Exposure celebrates the work of Carol A. Wilson Architect. Deeply tied to the landscape of Maine, Wilson's studio specializes in buildings that respond to their residents as well as their cultural and ecological landscapes. This monograph features eight New England houses illustrated with site plans, detail drawings, and photographs.

Northern Exposure reflects on place -in the literal sense of site as much as the figurative sense of belonging. To this point, Enrico Pinna and Juhani Pallasmaa-both internationally renowned architects and theorists-offer insight into Wilson' work with firsthand knowledge of her creative roots. A conversation between Wilson and the Canadian architect and scholar John Leroux examines what it means to practice architecture in the northeastern corner of North America. The book concludes with an interview with Wilson that elaborates on the history of her studio and her working principles.
VerlagPrinceton Architectural Press
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Beiträge vonEnrico Pinna, Juhani Pallasmaa
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