Richard Serra/ Dirk Reinartz – Afangar
78 Seiten, 30 x 27 cm , 738 g.
Richard Serra/ Dirk Reinartz – Afangar
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The site of the sculpture is Vesturey, the northwest part of Videy Island. Videy Island is located close to the harbor of Reykjavik. In order to reach Vesturey from Heimaey, the main part of Videy, one crosses the so called Eidid, the isthmus, that connects both parts. The flat lowland of Vesturey crests gradually to 18 m above sea level.

Skulptural elements are placed on Vesturey in such a way as to direct the viewer to walk around the entire island. All nine locations share the same elevations, in that each pair is situated at an elevation of nine and ten meters. These particular elevations establish sculptural locations at the periphery of the island. The orientation and layout of the pairs of standing stones is axial as they surround the center of the island. The layout is also linear in that a sequence and directionality isset up from one pair to the next. All stones are clearly visible on the horizon of the island.

Each set of stones is level at the top. All stones at the higher elevation of 10 m m easure 3 m; all stones at the lower elevation of 9 m measure 4 m. Because of the variance in topography, some pairs are closer together, others farther apart; sometimes they appear as portals and passageways, sometimes as demarcations in an open field. The rise and fall of Videy and the surrounding land- scape is seen against the fixed measure of the standing stones.

Grey-black basalt, a stone indigenous to Videy Island, was chosen to structure the island in sculptural terms. The modular regularity and pronounced verticality of the basalt column qualifythis stone particularly well as elevational measure nd demarcation point. The selection of basalt connects the sculptural elements to the geological time of the island.
Autor(en)Richard Serra, Dirk Reinartz
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