Gràfica de les Rambles
264 Seiten, 23,3 x 17,1 cm , 990 g.
Gràfica de les Rambles
The Signs of Barcelona
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From the labyrinthine paths and serene squares of the Gothic Quarter to the stunning art nouveau architecture of the Eixample, Barcelona is a place of irresistible charm.

Throughout this beloved Catalan city by the sea, dazzling signage is everywhere: glowing mosaics and stained glass, intricately carved stonework and brilliantly gilded placards heralding the city's eclectic mix of commerce, all documented with affection and a dash of obsession by celebrated graphic designer Louise Fili.

Grafica de les Rambles is Fili's travelogue and photographic diary of the most striking and inventive signs for restaurants and hotels, farmacias and pastisserias, the workshops of artisans, and grand department stores.

This book is a love letter to Barcelona and a trove of inspiration for all those who admire the city of Gaudi.
HerausgeberFili, Louise
VerlagPrinceton Architectural Press
EinbandartFester Einband
Artikel IDart-55344


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