Dimitris Yeros – Shades of Love
168 Seiten, 24,1 x 29,8 cm , 1511 g.
Dimitris Yeros – Shades of Love
Photographs Inspired by the Poems of C. P. Cavafy
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From renowned painter and photographer Dimitris Yeros comes a collection of photographs inspired by the classic poems of one of Greece’s greatest writers: Constantine P. Cavafy. Yeros has produced nearly seventy photographic illustrations using a mixture of models and fellow members of the artistic community such as Gore Vidal, Clive Barker, and Jeff Koons as his subjects. These striking images bring out every nuance of Cavafy’s writing—with romance, intrigue, humor, despair, and eroticism each playing a part. In addition to its visual richness, the book presents new English poetic translations of Cavafy by David Connolly (Eroticon, Journal of an Unseen April) which are faithful to the original Greek works while bringing them to life for a new group of readers.

Stunning portraiture and erotic photography paired with new English translations of the poetry of C. P. Cavafy, called the greatest modern Mediterranean poet. Literary, artistic, celebrity, and gay interest.
VerlagInsight Editions
Autor(en)Constantine P. Cavafy, John Wood, Edward Albee et al.
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