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For many of us, our sofa is our favourite piece of furniture. But nowadays, with living space increasingly limited, our sofa often plays more than one role in the home. It becomes a decorative centrepiece, allowing us to put our own stamp on our living space; it may extend a child's play area or double up as a bed. As a result, we have become demanding about every aspect of design. We expect multifunctionality, originality in form, and materials that are practical and long-lasting.

This generously illustrated volume celebrates the creativity of more than 160 designers and brings together the very best in sofa design from the 20th and 21st centuries. As well as design icons by the likes of Josef Hoffmann, Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier and Arne Jacobsen, it showcases the most inventive creations of recent years from designers who continue to redefine and expand this field of design.

With profiles arranged alphabetically by designer, the book comes complete with practical advice on buying a sofa and styling a living space, and includes a timeline of sofa design. This treasure trove of exciting creations and handy tips will appeal to anyone in search of inspiration for their own home, or with an interest in furniture design in general.
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