At the Still Point
1578 Seiten, 29,7 x 32 cm , 8500 g.
At the Still Point
Photographs from The Manfred Heiting Collection
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This four-volume publication presents the best from The Manfred Heiting Collection of photographic prints, built between 1970 and 2000. The collection, covering the period 1840–2000, was transferred to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, in 2002 and forms an important part of the museum’s collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographs. Including many original prints from most of the master photographers (and artists), and in their best available quality, the collection covers all aspects of the history of the medium in this period.

For At the Still Point, Manfred Heiting selected the most compelling images from the 4,000 prints in his collection, complemented them with essays by leading authors and experts in the field of photography, and privately produced these four books (the first in 1996, the last in 2007). Only intended for collector friends, leading curators at museums and institutions, as well as his dedicated dealers around the world, the volumes were never for sale. Now, one of 75 remaining sets is available to you—a unique publication that includes the largest number of master images from masters of photography taken from a single collection to have been printed in book form.
HerausgeberManfred Heiting
Museum / OrtThe Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Artikel IDart-58581


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