Hans van der Meer – Minor Mysteries | special ed.
176 Seiten, 23 x 22 cm , 1500 g.
Hans van der Meer – Minor Mysteries | special ed.
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Inspired by legendary street photographers Hans van der Meer took off to Budapest in the fall of 1984 and stayed, with interruptions, for a year. Minor Mysteries provides insight into what fascinated Van der Meer as a young, curious outsider in a country that at first sight seemed alienating and distant, but where he quickly found his way. Without a preconceived plan, he let his intuition guide him, wandering the streets like a director collecting scenes for a script. This is how he stumbled upon wonderous, playful, at times tragicomic situations. In retrospect, the series is like a monument to an era in transition. An era that was nearing its end, in a city in the heart of Europe, that looked battered under the weight of history, but with hope for something new.
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BemerkungBuch (signiert und nummeriert) + Print auf Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta Satin (22 x 20 cm Papier, 20 x 14,3 cm Motiv)
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