John Pawson – Making Life Simpler (sign.)
296 Seiten, 23,8 x 30,4 cm , 2850 g.
John Pawson – Making Life Simpler (sign.)
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The only comprehensive book on the fascinating life and work of the celebrated architectural designer, John Pawson.

This visual biography brings together John Pawson’s architecture, life, clients, travel, photography, design, books, and ideas. Written by Deyan Sudjic, an architectural historian and long-time friend, it explores the full scope of Pawson’s life, from his Yorkshire upbringing and time spent in Japan to the fashion years and the influence of art, and provides a thoughtful and intimate insight into his life, inspirations, and work.

It features wonderfully engaging stories and anecdotes about Pawson's work with such clients as Bruce Chatwin, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Shiro Kuramata, Martha Stewart, and many more. The book features documents, photography and ephemera, including never-seen-before images from Pawson's personal and professional archives – richly illustrated, this is the ultimate book on John Pawson.
EinbandartFester Einband
BemerkungSigniert von John Pawson
Autor(en)Deyan Sudjic
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