Ronny Rønning – Interregnum
120 Seiten, 22 x 27,5 cm , 930 g.
Ronny Rønning – Interregnum
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Using Dante’s Inferno as a loose narrative set in the contemporary world, the book is as a personal journey expressed through images that reveal a sense of unreality – a kind of veiled dreamscape – but at the same time reminiscent of the underlying unease of living in a world unable to deal with major crises threatening a fragile human existence. As such, the book is also a personal response to the current covid pandemic.

The word “interregnum” describes a period with lack of clear leadership in a country, organisation or social order. Failed states will often be in an interregnum.

Ronny Rønning explores a visual language that can represent the anxieties of living in a world seemingly out of control. The images has a reference to reality, but also contains something more ambivalent – an empty, dark, and foreboding landscape, as after the catastrophe, with only remnants of human life.

As part of finding a visual language for the book, Ronny Rønning has experimented with the photo medium. He has used an analogue camera, black & white film and flash. During development the film has been exposed to light in an attempt to find a visual expression appropriate for the book’s topic.
HerausgeberGösta Flemming, Ronny Rønning
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