Nu Som – Nudescapes
264 Seiten, 31 x 23,6 cm , 1930 g.
Nu Som – Nudescapes
Private Dreams in Public Places. Photographs
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Using some of the world's most iconic public spaces as backdrops, this ethereal and unusual collection of two hundred photographs presents riveting author and artist Nu Som's fascination with privacy and freedom. Comprised of both original black-and-white and color images, Nudescapes is a shocking and beautiful investigation of the seamless way in which the body fits into an array of environments without interruption. The book features a wide variety of culturally significant locations, such as the Grand Canal in Venice and the Lincoln Memorial, while also including the scenic landscape of the Oregon coast and the Arizona desert. Timely, the distinctive never before bound collection looks into how the nude body is policed and found legible; Som's work fills the pages with contradictions and unexpected experiences for the reader. Full of theatrics, emotion, and exhibitionism, this daring, artistically challenging debut attempts to eliminate the divide between public and private, beckoning all to consider where humanity's place lies in the universe.
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