Draping (*Hurt)
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Draping (*Hurt)
The Complete Course: Second Edition
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Covering beginner draping to more advanced techniques, this new series of master classes from bestselling author Karolyn Kiisel provides a complete course. Projects include dresses, skirts, trousers and jackets, highlighting key fashion garments from the runway to the red carpet and iconic costumes from films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and In the Mood for Love.

Starting with the basics of preparing the dress form and fabric, the book advances through pinning, trimming and clipping, and creating shape using darts and tucks, to adding volume using pleats and gathers, and handling complex curves. Advanced skills include how to use support elements such as shoulder pads, under layers and petticoats, and how to handle bias draping.

Each exercise and project throughout the book is explained with step-by-step photographs and line drawings that bring to life the art of creating fashion in three dimensions.
HerausgeberSophie Wise, Charlotte Selby
VerlagLaurence King
Bemerkung(*HURT) Zustand gut aber nicht perfekt
Autor(en)Karolyn Kiisel
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