Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide (*HURT)
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Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide (*HURT)
Second Edition
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Aimed at fashion designers, Fabric for Fashion:The Complete Guide is unique in explaining the behaviour, properties and sustainability impacts of a wide range of natural and man-made fabrics. Design is determined by how fabrics work, move, feel and look. Increasingly and out of necessity, design is also led by how fabric choices affect our planet and its inhabitants. The most successful fashion designers are those who truly understand their materials, who match design skill with technical knowledge. This book offers guidance by providing a mix of practical information, including industry vocabulary, and a wealth of stunning visual examples showing how designers, both past and present, have worked with textiles.

Highlights of this new edition include additional chapters on:

- Sustainable fabrics and fashion
- Smart fabrics
- Product development
- Biosynthetic fibres
VerlagLaurence King
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Autor(en)Clive Hallett, Amanda Johnston
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