The Visual Arts: A History (*HURT)
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The Visual Arts: A History (*HURT)
Revised 7th Edition
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Since its first publication this book has been hailed as the most comprehensive history of art ever published in a single volume. Presenting art history as an essential part of the development of humankind, it offers and authoritative, balanced, and enlightened account, ranging from a statuette carved in central Europe some 30,000 years ago to digital, video, and installation art for the new millennium. The volume covers painting, mosaic, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, and photography. Textiles, coins, pottery, enamels, gold, and silver are also included. The scope is international, encompassing arts of Asia, Africa, and Oceania as well as Europe and the Americas.

This Revised Seventh Edition expands the original coverage by embracing new developments in archaeology and art historical research, and in particular contemporary art history Michael Archer has greatly expanded the authors' discussion of the art world over into the 21st century , providing a new perspective on the latest developments shaping our cultural history.

This insight, elegance, and fluency that the authors bring to their text are complemented by 1459 superb illustrations, many of which are now in color.
VerlagLaurence King
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Autor(en)Hugh Honour, John Fleming
Beiträge vonMichael Archer
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