Ducati – A Photographic Tribute by Phil Aynsley

Volume Two. Primer Books 2016. Contributors: Cook Neilson & Ian Gowanloch. English. 228 pages, with num. ills. 31 x 27.5 cm. 2,5 kg. Hardcover with dust jacket. 9780646921792. art-13889
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Phil Aynsley has been a fan of Ducati since he bought is first motorbike, a 250 Desmo, in 1972.

Aynsley’s love for Ducatis is matched only by his passion for photography. “Ever since buying my first in 1972 I’ve been taking photos of them. How could you not?”

After 44 years he hasn’t tired of his beloved Ducatis and is revered by the motorcycle industry as one of the best photographers in the business.
Publishers Primer Books have done Aynsley’s work great justice in producing the long awaited second volume of images capturing the innovation, ingenuity and individual flair that is Ducati…and Phil Aynsley. There’s a natural fit between the two and they are both worthy of each other.

Following the highly successful sellout Volume 1 edition, Volume 2 continues Aynsley’s photographic history of his life with Ducati.

Ducati lovers will relish Volume 2 with its expanded sections on Road and Race bikes as well as the Rest section showcasing a raft of the company’s other, lesser known products. Noted magazine editor, photographer and racer Cook Neilson has written the Foreword. It’s a must have for any Ducatisti!
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