Lise Sarfati – The New Life
120 Seiten, 34,2 x 27 cm , 1340 g.
Lise Sarfati – The New Life
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“Sarfati’s work is defined through an opposition to the editorial urge to fix narratives to her subjects. Her images create a loose, layered and intensely rich visual project triggering emotions and thoughts that move well beyond her ostensible subjects.

Sarfati’s importance in today’s debates about the role and visual languages of socially engaged photography also rests in her resistance to fully objectify the subjects that compel her to make imagery.

The American Series represents one of those rare experiences for photographers where the photographs almost—just—happened. Sarfati did not overly choreograph her subjects; she also created the psychological space for them, in turn, to act upon her and to act up—or down—for the camera. This perhaps accounts for Sarfati’s success in re-presenting American young people as, simply, individually and universally the carriers of states of minds.”
— Clare Grafik, Photographers Gallery, London
VerlagTwin Palms Publishers
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Beiträge vonOlga Medvedkova
Museum / OrtSanta Fe
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