Martin Parr – No Worries | Collector's Edition no. 2
132 Seiten, 26,8 x 24,3 cm , 6000 g.
Martin Parr – No Worries | Collector's Edition no. 2
Mark and Nacelle Bettini with their son Luke, De Grey Station, via Port Hedland
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– Das Buch "No Worries" von Martin Parr, T&G Publishing, Sydney. 2012. Hardcover 26,8 x 24,3 cm. 132 Seiten, 93 farb. Abb.

– Pigment-Print (35,6 x 28 cm) signiert von Martin Parr und nummeriert, Motiv: "Mark and Nacelle Bettini with their son Luke, De Grey Station, via Port Hedland" (wie abgebildet)

– Eigens angefertigte Box (38,8 x 30,3 x 4 cm) und Baumwollhandschuhe

In 2011 Magnum photographer Martin Parr set out to photograph three Western Australian port cities, Fremantle, Port Hedland and Broome.

Each town was a unique setting for a photographer famed for his images of British seaside culture in the publication Last Resort. Using his unmistakabley intimate and satirical style, Parr went about photographing Australian cliches, full of saturated colours and flash photography.

The resulting photographs, published here for the first time, are an invaluable collection from this world-renonwed British photographer.

‘No Worries. This is a phrase that seems to encapsulate the rather delightful, laid back approach that the West Australians adopt. I quickly noticed that nearly everyone I met in Broome and Port Hedland in particular used this phrase, and once observed the title was a done deal.

My previous encounters in Australia have been urban, in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, so it was good to see smaller towns, all different, but full of character. I feel I know the country a lot better now. I am a nosy person and with a camera as an excuse you can witness people’s lives and hear their stories.’
Martin Parr
VerlagT&G Publishing
EinbandartFester Einband in Schmuckkassette
BemerkungMit einem Print (35,6 x 28 cm), signiert und nummeriert (Auflage 50)
Abbildungenmit 93 farb. Abb
Beiträge vonRobert Cook, Martin Parr
Artikel IDart-14738


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