Lawrence Weiner
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Lawrence Weiner
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An exploration of the language-based art of the internationally celebrated artist.

Lawrence Weiner's art can appear painted across an entire building, floating inside a souvenir pen or sung as a lyric by a country and western band. One of the canonical Conceptual artists of the 1960s, Weiner was among the first to 'dematerialize' the object of art into the realm of language and ideas.

He composes texts that describe process, material and structure while evoking a poetic drama that unfolds in the reader's mind. Using a utilitarian yet elegant typeface and stark monochrome or vivid colours, his works have a striking formal beauty. Dedicated to the circulation of art and ideas, a single statement of Weiner's can take the form of myriad media, ranging from paint to stone to video. This book is the first comprehensive survey of an internationally-celebrated artist who continues to compose innovative new commissions around the world.
Beiträge vonAlexander Alberro, David Batchelor, Kenneth Patchen et al.
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