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Pontormo is one of the most extraordinary and eccentric artists in the history of art. His personality – obsessive, neurotic and prone to intense mood swings, as described by Vasari at the time – contributed, even during his lifetime, to creating the aura of tortured artist that surrounded him.

The hugely abundant body of work that constitutes Pontormo’s drawings has contributed to fuelling the legend that surrounds this artist, because his work on paper is considered to respond to the painter’s prima idea and to hold, concentrated in it, the essence of his tortured soul. It seems undeniable that, through the medium of paper, Pontormo explored ideas and looked for subjects for more ambitious works; at the same time, however, Pontormo turned to the act of writing for the sheer pleasure of expressing his feelings, using it as a kind of relaxation for the soul.

Pontormo – Dibujos presents a selection of drawings and touches on all the stages of Pontormo’s life and on all the different graphic media he used.
VerlagFundación Mapfre
Beiträge vonKosme de Barañano, Pablo Jiménez Burillo et al.
Museum / OrtFundación Mapfre
Artikel IDart-17101


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