Josep Lluís Mateo – Construction
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Josep Lluís Mateo – Construction
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This book is a faithful reflection of the modus operandi and spirit that pervade the professional life of Josep Lluís Mateo, unquestionably one of the Spanish architects’ offices that has had the greatest impact on the international scene. Josep Lluís Mateo has a studio in Barcelona and teaches at the ETH in Zurich, where he is Professor of Architecture and Design. His projects in Paris, The Hague and Amsterdam have been joined by others newly begun in Haarlem, Basel, Mexico FD and Castelo Branco, all of which are analysed in depth in this book, which also includes new photographic reportages by Christian Richters, a photographic essay by the artist Sergio Belinchón on Mateo’s International Convention Centre in Barcelona—one of his most authoritative projects of recent years—an extensive study by José Luis Pardo and an interview by Philip Ursprung.
VerlagEdiciones Polígrafa
Beiträge vonPhilip Ursprung, Agusti Obiol et al.
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