Suda Issei – Fragment Of Everyday Life
128 Seiten, 22 x 30 cm , 1008 g.
Suda Issei – Fragment Of Everyday Life
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Issei Suda made a name for himself in the Japanese photographic world through his 6 x 6 black-and-white prints that bare the unexpected—and often unsettling—dimensions lurking in, otherwise, perfectly mundane subjects. Now, a new collection focuses on a perhaps less celebrated, but no less arresting side of his art: his color photography. The roughly 150 works cover 'Fragment of Everyday Life (1983–1984)', Suda’s first series of medium-format colour photography, and four Polaroid series from the turn of this century including 'Spot', which seeks to capture the “residues” lingering at the sites of past incidents.
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