Bleda y Rosa – Memoriales
665 Seiten, 30 x 24 cm , 744 g.
Bleda y Rosa – Memoriales
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Memorials is inspired by the artist´s interest in the experience of memory as a way of questioning and examining our relationship with the past and the writing of history. For Bleda y Rosa, this relationship is complex and problematic, because it inevitably reveals discrepancies, oversight, exaggerations and contradictions.

In total, the work is made up of twenty-three images arranged in three groups, each focused on one of three cities: Berlin, Jerusalem and Washington. They are three cities, capitals, which are profoundly marked by their past.

Begining in 1992 with Campos de Fútbol, Bleda y Rosa (María Bleda, Castellón, 1969; José María Rosa, Älbacete, 1970) have developed an artistic path of marked singularity and coherence through a photographic practice which draws on the genres of landscape and architectural and topographical representation.
VerlagLa Fábrica
EinbandartFester Einband
SpracheEnglisch, Spanisch
Beiträge vonCésar Alierta Izuel, Sérgio Mah, Bleda y Rosa
Artikel IDart-20651


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