Francis Bacon
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Francis Bacon
(World of art series)
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In life, Francis Bacon has set his own standards; and neither as a beginner nor as the most sought-after of living European painters has he fallen below them. As to whether his work will occupy this place or that in the history of art, those who come after us can decide. The purpose of this book is to say how it seemed at the time to someone who was much in Bacon's company and prized every moment of it." – John Russell

"As illuminating an essay on a a living artist as one could wish to encounter. It relates Bacon to his time and to the history of art with unfailing pertinence. In the process, Mr. Russell gives us insights into an enormous variety of subjects, from the invasion of Europe by the Nazis to the invasion of privacy by Degas." - The Sunday Times (London)
VerlagOxford University Press
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Autor(en)John Russell
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