Daido Moriyama – Self
16 Seiten, 21,6 x 15,2 cm , 144 g.
Daido Moriyama – Self
One Picture Book #90
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At some point in the mist that was the 1990s, Daido Moriyama was asked by a curator to provide a self-portrait for use in an exhibition. Finding that he had nothing suitable, Moriyama reached for some lipstick and mascara - and although he found that being a makeup artist wasn’t among his best talents - created this suite of self-portraits that are in turn humorous, touching, sad, and extremely odd. It’s hard to imagine another artist who could pull this off, and this series is perfectly suited for our 90th One Picture Book.
VerlagNazraeli Press
EinbandartFester Einband
BemerkungLimitierte und nummerierte 500er-Auflage, mit einem Print (12,7x17,8 cm) signiert von Daido Moriyama
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