Robert Ryman
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Robert Ryman
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A comprehensive study highlighting the interplay of context and meaning in Robert Ryman’s work.

This remarkable volume, featuring new photography and original essays by a formidable array of scholars and curators, is the most expansive and thorough investigation of the work of American painter Robert Ryman in over two decades. Arguing that the relationships between his paintings are key to understanding his diverse output, the book offers more faithful reproductions and subtler details of the paintings than have previously been available, and attends closely to the artist’s own strategies of display.

Ryman’s paintings are readily identified by their predominantly achromatic surfaces, but his exploration of the values and effects of white was never limited to paint. His experimentations with canvas, board, paper, aluminum, fiberglass, and Plexiglas have evolved into a material vocabulary as revolutionary as his use of white. The texts featured here reflect on the importance of Ryman’s practice to contemporary art.
HerausgeberCourtney J. Martin, Stephen Hoban
VerlagYale University Press
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonSandra Amann, Jo Applin, Charles Gaines et al.
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