Defining Contemporary Art (*Hurt)
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Defining Contemporary Art (*Hurt)
25 Years in 200 Pivotal Artworks
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In the mid-1980s the sprouting of new movements that had driven modern art since the nineteenth century finally went dormant, sputtering out with a few last half-hearted labels ('pattern painting', 'neo-geo', 'commodity art'). But this was not the end of art history – far from it. In the years since, art's creative development has remained more vibrant than ever, resulting in a diversity of new forms that is truly staggering.

Defining Contemporary Art responds to this unique landscape with an innovative approach to art history. Selected by the eight most prominent curators working today, all of whom have both witnessed and shaped this period, Defining Contemporary Art today tells the story of the 200 pivotal artworks of the past 25 years. With insightful texts and generous illustrations, it offers the most complete, accurate and easy-to-use guide to the history of contemporary art. A vital sourcebook for historians and art practitioners, it is also an accessible introduction for anyone eager to understand the art of our time.
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Bemerkung(*Hurt) Filzstiftmarkierung am Schnitt, Zustand gut aber nicht perfekt
Autor(en)Daniel Birnbaum, Cornelia H. Butler, Suzanne Cotter et al.
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