Keeping Time – The Photographs of Don Hunstein
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Keeping Time – The Photographs of Don Hunstein
The Unseen Archive of Columbia Records
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Don Hunstein’s images of music’s most influential artists are unforgettable. As Columbia Records’ staff photographer for more than four decades, Hunstein earned the trust and confidence of the most celebrated singers, songwriters, composers, and musicians of our time, including Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, Leonard Bernstein, Dave Brubeck, Tony Bennett, and Thelonious Monk, to name a few.

Hunstein photographed these greats with noticeable informality, demonstrating a perpetual ease with his subjects. With his relaxed approach, he was able to glean private moments from public lives—moments filled with fascinating, telling, and intimate details. Logging his daily assignments, Hunstein created an archive of profound images that parallel the soundtrack to our lives. To this day, Hunstein’s work exists as a unique record chronicling the creative efforts and energies of almost a half-century of the world’s greatest musicians.

Edited by journalist and Grammy-nominated music producer Leo Sacks, Keeping Time – The Photography of Don Hunstein places Hunstein’s photos in the context of musical, social, and cultural change, adding an untold chapter to the musical history of the second half of the twentieth century.
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