Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur
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Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur
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This stunning catalogue includes color photographs of more than 230 objects, excavated in the 1930s by renowned British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley, from the third-millennium-B.C. Sumerian city of Ur. Learn the fascinating story of the excavation and preservation of these magnificent artifacts.

Many of the objects are published in color and fully described for the first time-jewelry of gold and semiprecious stones, engraved seal stones, spectacular gold and lapis lazuli statuettes and musical instruments; and vessels of gold, silver, and alabaster. Curator Richard Zettler sets the stage with a history of Ur in the third millennium and the details of the actual excavations. Art historians Donald Hansen and Holly Pittman discuss the historical importance and significance of the many motifs on the most spectacular finds from the tombs.
HerausgeberRichard L. Zettler, Lee Horne
VerlagUniversity of Pennsylvania Press
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonDonald P. Hansen, Holly Pittman et al.
Artikel IDart-45142


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