On Photographs by David Campany
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On Photographs by David Campany
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Gain a new perspective on photography in this personally guided introduction to photographic images and what they mean by one of the leading writers and curators of our time!

On Photographs is destined to become an instant classic of photography writing. Rejecting the conventions of chronology and the heightened status afforded to ‘classics’ in traditional accounts of the history of the medium, Campany’s selection of photographs is an expertly curated and personal one – mixing fine art prints, film stills, documentary photographs, fashion editorials and advertisements. In this playful new take on the history of photography, anonymous photographers stand alongside photography pioneers, 20th-century talents and contemporary practitioners. Each photograph is accompanied by Campany’s highly readable commentary. Putting the sacred status of authorship to one side, he strives to guide the reader in their own interpretation and understanding of the image itself. In a visual culture in which we have become accustomed to not looking, Campany helps us see, in what is both an accessible introduction for newcomers and a must-have for photography aficionados.
VerlagThames & Hudson
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Autor(en)David Campany
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