Deanna Dikeman – Leaving and Waving
112 Seiten, 19 x 23,5 cm , 800 g.
Deanna Dikeman – Leaving and Waving
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This book presents 27 years of Deanna Dikeman photographing her parents waving goodbye as she left their home after a visit. Just as she was driving away, Dikeman invariably pointed her camera at her parents. What started with a candid snapshot in 1991 turned into a ritual over the years. The book chronicles their farewells as seasons change and years go by, separating black and white photographs from colour photographs.

»Leaving and Waving« — which was originally part of a larger body of work entitled »Relative Moments« — is a heartfelt exploration of family, the passage of time and the sadness of leaving.

— Winner Prix Nadar 2021
— Shortlisted Aperture & Paris Photo Book Awards (First Photobook) 2021
VerlagChose Commune
EinbandartFester Einband
SpracheEnglisch, Französisch
BemerkungFirst edition, Third printing, award-winner, nominee
Artikel IDart-49928


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