Cooking in Marfa (*Hurt)
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Cooking in Marfa (*Hurt)
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A treasure trove of essays, recipes, and images exploring the people and food of Marfa and its premier restaurant, The Capri

Cooking in Marfa introduces an unusual small town in the West Texas desert and, within it, a fine-dining oasis in a most unlikely place. The Capri excels at serving the spectrum of guests that Marfa draws, from locals and ranchers to artists, museum-board members, and discerning tourists. Featuring more than 80 recipes inspired by local products, this is the story of this unique community told through the lens of food, sharing the cuisine and characters that make The Capri a destination unto itself.
EinbandartFester Einband
Bemerkung(*Hurt) Filzstiftmarkierung am Schnitt
Autor(en)Virginia Lebermann, Rocky Barnette
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