Hamburger Eyes
200 Seiten, 20,9 x 24,7 cm , 905 g.
Hamburger Eyes
Inside Burgerworld
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Hilarious yet scary, hardcore yet charming, the Hamburger Eyes crew put out the illest lil' photography magazine the world has ever seen. Since the first issue of 30 xeroxed pamphlets was printed in 2002, Hamburger Eyes has become an elegant yet underground periodical combining the documentary approach of National Geographic with the hit-'em-hard sensibility of a late-night tagger.

A pictorial history of both the intimate and iconic moments of everyday life, Hamburger Eyes is a travel journal, a personal diary, and a family album. Inspired by the traditions that began with Life magazine and Robert Frank, the magazine revitalizes the sensation of photography as a craft as well as a tool to record and document.

Now, in their first book, Hamburger Eyes: Inside Burgerworld, they put you through the grinder with a selection of photographs by magazine masterminds Ray Potes, David Potes, Stefan Simikich, and Jason Roberts Dobrin, as well as regular contributors Ted Pushinsky, Dave Schubert, Boogie, David Uzzardi, Tobin Yelland, Ryan Furtado, and countless other upstarts. Get ready for photography on the loose.
HerausgeberRay Potes
VerlagPowerHouse Books
EinbandartFester Einband
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